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    Serious Negative Health Effects due to Radiation Or Benzene/Diesel Fume Exposures During Railroad Work

    What are some health effects of radioactive contamination?
    Radioactive contamination, also called radiation, can be in several forms including alpha and gamma isotopes. The characteristics of these types of isotopes and how they can damage the body’s cells, is a fairly complicated discussion, but needless to say, ionizing radiation can damage cells and can lead to cancer. This is well known. What types of cancers? Radiation can be associated with many types of cancers including lung cancers, brain cancers, colon cancers and some fairly rare cancers like bone cancer and bone marrow cancers. MDS, myelodysplastic syndromes, are also associated with radiation exposure or benzene exposure. Where would benzene be associated with railroad work? Benzene is a constituent of diesel fumes, emitted from every diesel engine operated in the United States. Benzene is a known carcinogen and one of several constituents of diesel fumes known to be a carcinogen along with several others like carbon monoxide. Benzene is associated with certain types of cancers including MDS described above.

    How do you find out if your cancer or syndrome was associated with radioactive substances, or benzene or diesel fumes?
    Occupational medicine specialists exist in every metropolitan area in the United States. Occupational medicine specialists are trained to treat diseases and cancers that may be associated with an occupational source. It requires an occupational medical or cancer specialist to give an opinion on whether a particular cancer or syndrome is associated with exposure to radioactively contaminated materials, radiation, or benzene/diesel fumes for examples. Whether we can assist with a claim of this sort depends on medical opinions, but the issue of whether your disease or cancer process was caused by occupational exposures requires a medical specialist’s opinion.

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    Every railroader should get a complete physical every year. This helps establish a baseline for your health. We work around hazardous materials every day. Establishing a good baseline is very valuable in tracking your health with regard to short and long term exposure to all the chemicals we are exposed to in the workplace everyday.

    It's incredibly scary to realize just how many rail workers have died of some type of cancer.