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Putting a Price on Railroad Safety

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  • Putting a Price on Railroad Safety

    Federal rules due to become final before the end of 2009 will require freight, passenger and commuter rail operator to install safety systems along their tracks that automatically slow or shut down trains when they get too close to each other. The systems, known as positive train control, are particularly effective at preventing moving trains from crashing into trains stopped or traveling on tracks ahead.

    The Wall Street Journal reports Amtrak, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe and the American Public Transportation Association, which represents subway and light rail networks, say the safety upgrades will cost too much.

    Twenty-year installation, testing and maintenance cost estimates for positive train control systems range as high as $24 billion. No doubt, that’s a lot of money. But what price could be placed on the lives the safety systems will undoubtedly save? Or on the pain, disabilities and loss of work and wages people not injured in railroad accidents will not have to suffer?

    You cannot, or at least should not, put a price on the safety of your employees. These rail companies should comply with the new federal requirements and implement positive train control system.

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    I believe crossing accidents kill more people every year. Why arent we considering some serious type of automatic barrier system at busy crossings?

    just a thought
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      The railroads will cry "poor mouth.' The taxpayers will pick up the tab for a huge portion of it... just watch. The railroads are already whining about the looming implementation deadline. It will get pushed back / relaxed, wait & see.
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