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UTU Files Suit to On Staffing Issue Seeks Declaratory Relief

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  • UTU Files Suit to On Staffing Issue Seeks Declaratory Relief

    Dear All-

    I noticed on my Federal Electronic Case Filing [ECF] that the UTU filed suit against a host of railroads. I tried to post it in the UTU Forum but was unable. If ya'll want to move the post there, please feel free. Please see attached federal complaint for declaratory relief.

    FELA Attorney
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  • jonnyseeandoh
    Since I think the ruling meant that UTU does not have to negotiate Crew Consist, that's that. But I guess the carriers are allowed to ask. Maybe they figure if they couch it in flowerly language they can hide it. As a BLET member I will say that the one best thing UTU has is Crew Consist, and they must never ever let go of it.

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  • Hornblower
    Apparently the UTU is attempting to head off another attempt by the NCCC to address the crew consist agreement in this round of national negotiations. Since the court ruled in favor of the UTU last time it would seem that wouldn't be an issue this time. One would think a ruling would stand for the next round of negotiations. My two cents.


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