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  • Repetitive Trauma Poll Question

    Dear All-

    The law firm of Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. has a stated policy of not accepting what is commonly referred to as cumulative or repetitive trauma FELA claims. Our reasoning has been two fold: (1) there are a handful of doctors that truly understand the nature and extent of repetitive injury claims incurred while in the employ of the railroad. This is true because, not only do they have to know medicine but they also have to know the specific job classifications within the railroad and the physical day-in and day-out demands and forces upon the body that occur and (2) though there is not a "specialty" offered on a national basis or on a state basis in the area of repetitive [or cumulative] trauma claims to a practicing lawyer, we at G&E have always thought that if a law firm is going to take on a legal matter, then the firm should be able to handle it and handle it damn well.

    We have been given the opportunity to work with two lawyers that handle these types of claims and handle them well. Interestingly, they are not in the same firm and each of them has a special knowledge in different railroads, i.e., one of them specializes in UP and BNSF claims, while the other specializes in CSX, NS and KCS repetitive claims. We have spoken and we like these two lawyers quite a bit and they like us. The reason is that they recognize our personal approach to representation and respect that aspect of our firm. This, as you know, is a quality that is not always found in a law firm and we are proud to have it. We believe that the addition of these two lawyers to Gordon & Elias, at least for the purposes of these types of claims would "round out" what Gordon & Elias could offer injured railroaders.

    Before, we embark upon such an undertaking, we are submitting the idea to the YL membership in the way of a poll. is the question:

    Would it be a "good thing" for G&E to explore entering into an arrangement with these two lawyers so we could offer the YL membership the potential of representation on repetitive trauma claims covering all areas of the body, all crafts and all geographical regions?

    The poll is expired.

    Steve Gordon
    Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P.
    FELA Lawyer
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    On the surface of things yes, for if a person has a legitimate claim, he needs good people to help him get it heard. And one hopes these two lawyers will have enough other work to actually make a living between repetitive trauma cases. Personally I've been DX'd with mild CT syndrome. Fortunately not suffering at the present and am fully functional but knowing there are experts just in case is always a good thing. And BTW opinion marked above!
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      our desingated counsel was at a previous utu meeting and discussed how they lost a case then had it reopened on some appeal for this malady... something about the "experts" and jury instruction...