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Timothy Myers v. Illinois Central Railroad Co.

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  • Timothy Myers v. Illinois Central Railroad Co.

    Date Decided: Dec 15th, 2010
    Decided By: Illinois Central District Court (Federal)
    Court: United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
    Citation: 629 F.3d 639

    For thirty years, plaintiff Timothy Meyers ("Meyers") workedin the railroad industry. Meyers held many different jobs including, "brakeman,""switchman," and "conductor," but under each title was required to dophysically demanding work. Everyday Meyers was required to jump off slow movingtrains, walk miles along large, rocky ballast, and throw heavy switches tochange the direction of trains. During his thirty-year career, Meyer sufferedmultiple injuries to his knees, shoulders, back, ankle, neck and elbows. Manyof these required surgery.

    Between 2004 and 2006, Meyers was diagnosed with a range ofjoint diseases and several herniated disks in his back; all required surgery.

    In 2008 Meyers filed suit against his employer, defendant Illinois Central Railroad Co. ("The Railroad") under FELA alleging The Railroad negligentlyfailed to provide him with a safe place to work. Meyers claimed The Railroad'snegligence caused his medical problems.

    Prior to trial, the United States District Court for theCentral District of Illinois excluded the testimony of Meyers' four medicalexperts. Citing Daubert, the DistrictCourt held that because none of the experts were familiar with Meyers' medical history,they were not fit to testify to the issue of whether Meyers' injuries werecaused by the conditions at his workplace. The Railroad then filed a Motion forSummary Judgment alleging Meyers failed to link his specific injuries with unsafe working conditions at the Railroad.

    The District Court granted The Railroad's motion and Meyersappeals.