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Myers v Illinois Central Railroad Co

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  • Myers v Illinois Central Railroad Co

    Date Decided: Dec 15th, 2010
    Decided By: Illinois Central District Court (Federal)
    Court: 7th Cir.
    Citation: 629 F.3d 639 (7th Cir. 2010)

    Plaintiff, a railroad conductor, brought this suit against his employer,Illinois Central Railroad Co. ("ICCR"), pursuant to the Federal Employers'Liability Act ("FELA"). Plaintiffalleged that he suffers from cumulative trauma as a result of dangerous workconditions that existed over a long career with the defendant. Plaintiff alleges this unsafe workenvironment was the cause of his injuries and was the result of employernegligence. Plaintiff offered thefollowing experts to prove causation: an ergonomist, and three treatingphysicians. The district courtbarred the experts' reports and granted summary judgment for the Defendant. Specifically, the district court struckthe expert testimony and reports because none of the experts' opinions wasbased on reliable procedures or methods. The court reasoned that the experts did not have an adequateunderstanding of the Plaintiff's medical history or his work with the Defendantto give an opinion about what caused his injuries. Concerning the ergonomist,the court found that his opinion was not reliable because his analysis ofrailroad conditions was not focused on the Plaintiff's work there.