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  • Labor bord what?

    Hello, i just recently went to the labor bord meeting sept. 21st of 2011.....Im still sitting at home after 6 weeks of waiting....I guess my question is, how long does it normaly take to hear something back.....and or , why would this be taking so long?...its was my first time going and i had a previous clean record...

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    Usually takes up to 3 or 4 months
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      The Government usually runs out of money this time of year. Probably be Jan-Feb


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        well i was wondering something...i got a call from the union saying that they recieved a letter of restoration, now the RR has to sighn or something, then i d get one in the mail, and or a call .....but when i look on the web page, looks like my case is still on the caseload report......does this make sence???


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          Yes. The update process is manual.

          Congratulations! I wish the process worked better. The good thing is that there is a process. That beats at-will employment. You should be back in service within a month.


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            Typically, the neutral will instruct the carrier to return you to service within 30 days of his or her written decision. Congrats!
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