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    ok i was dismissed for what they said falsifaction of documents pertaining to my application, mainly that they didnt know i had broken my leg when i was 15 y/o (17 yrs ago). In deed I did disclose this information, and it was proven that the dr didnt compleat the companys physical paper work in the investigation. Also personaly I feel as if they are sayn im not fit for service, when i havE been working 4 yrs with no problems. do i have a dog in this fight, or what. theres more to this story but i start with this.

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    Answer this for me:
    A) You have received a letter from the carrier stating you're dismissed from the service of the carrier, correct?

    B) Have you been to a public law board yet?

    If you answered "No" to B), you'll eventually go before a neutral who will either sustain the carrier's dismissal of you or sustain the organization's position of having you re-instated. The neutral can award you full or partial back pay for the work you missed if they side with the organization & deem that the carrier was harsh.

    Since the neutral is not a part of the kangaroo court administered by the carrier under the guise of a "fair & impartial hearing," and actually takes FACTS in to consideration, surely, the neutral would see that the Dr. was at fault & the carrier did let you work 4 years & during that time you were able to perform your duties normally.

    But, obviously, you can see the carrier has an agenda & must save face, not admitting its fault & make it painful to you to recover your lost earnings. Once they have removed you from service, even if they see "oh damn we messed up & this guy is right," they will often still go through with their plan to discipline you so they don't have to pay you for anything. (If you go to a hearing and are assessed no discipline, they have to pay you for everyday you missed.) It's all a game to them. So now, you have to go fight for your money & your job. Surely, you will get back, but you're probably looking at 6 months (or more) to get a date set so a neutral can hear your case.

    ***If you answered YES to B) above & the neutral dismissed you, then it's time to talk to an attorney.

    Good luck to you & keep us posted.
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      thanks, i figure it will be a year. working on 1st apeal now, then they have 60 days, and so forth. hope sometime after xmas to file for plb. i was looking up old plb cases and found one very similar to mine, witch the dr didnt document everything. very interesting. until then i got an old job back as a firefighter. yet another thing brought up im fit to have worked there 8 yrs before the NS, so how could they even say i wasnt fit to work as a conductor. plus im fit to go back and be a fireman again, working in a city that runs 5,000 runs a year out of one fire house !!!! thats busy as hell. all over me reporting an off duty injury that turned out to be , eh !!!