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The Mcbride case

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  • The Mcbride case

    I am wondering what the chances are that the Supreme court is going to affirm this case thus tightening the causation clause in Fela to be tightened. What I have been noticing also is that the RRs are trying line up a bunch of injury cases behind this in order to continue to limit FELA more and more to make it much like a workers comp case with benefits. Have you read the case? and what would your conclusion be. It seems that Frederick was getting hammered by Scalia on the "but for" issue. thank you

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    A link would be most appreciated.
    NS should not require warm up exercises. We get enough exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, running down our bosses,knifing friends in the back, dodging responsibility and pushing our luck.


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      CSX Transportation v. McBride - US Supreme Court

      This is a keep your fingers crossed moment. All that could have been done was done by the AAJ.
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