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  • Steve Gordon is a designated hitter....

    Steve Gordon helped me in a way that is very difficult for me to describe, but that little complication won't keep me from attempting to elucidate just a bit. I've been close to being officially handled or disciplined by the railroad several times now in my few short years, but, I've always been prepared to counter any NS accusation with a strong and irrefutable defense, which, joined with a little luck, has thus far sent the allegations cowering back from whence they came.

    This latest event was a bit different from my previous dealings and potentially much more serious, since my job was on the line when a trainmaster threatened to dismiss me for “conduct unbecoming.” There were other factors involved but the primary reason was because I would not sign a release of liability form from a third party. I needed railroad-familiar professional legal help in a hurry to protect myself and my family, and I was willing to wager all I currently have in order to receive that help with the aim of mitigating a greater future loss. That price was totally amicable by me, but Steve declined any sort of payment at all. He went above and beyond to help a brother out of a tight spot, and for this he has my deepest and most sincere thanks.


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    Steve is a stand up guy. His caring comes across immediately when you first speak with him.

    His firm donated a huge amount of time and money to help this online community set up what was once just a dream for many of us here - The Fallen Brother Fund. His firm did this and asked nothing in return - not a seat on the board of directors, not any free or discounted advertising. He just asked that we now run with the ball and build the Fund to do what we had envisioned - raise money and help our brother's and sister's families if they should fall in the line of duty. He doesn't do this for potential clients. He does this, in my honest opinion, to give back to the people he advocates for - us.

    In fact every FELA firm that advertises with us here at - The Gordon & Elias firm, the firm of Shapiro, Cooper, Lewis, and Appleton, and the firm of Clark Newhall - all have committed to donating a portion of their FELA awards to the Fallen Brother Fund.

    Gordon & Elias are based out of Texas and practice in the surrounding areas.

    Shapiro, Cooper, Lewis, and Appleton have several offices mainly in the south/southeast and are DLC.

    The Clark Newhall firm is in Salt Lake City and practices in the surrounding areas as well.
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