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Forced to stay in smoking room

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  • Forced to stay in smoking room

    This question arose from a topic in the BNSF forum.
    How Long Will This Last

    I and others at my terminal have been told that if there are no non-smoking rooms available at the AFHT hotel, we would be forced to stay in a smoking room unless we had a doctor's note saying we couldn't be in one. Can the carrier do this? Is there any recourse for this kind of thing? Kind of funny how the company always preaches safety but doesn't give a rats ass if you have to stay in an unhealthy headache-inducing room when you're off duty.
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    I just went through the same thing. I fought as hard as I could, but was told "it is company policy." what a bunch of fucking hypocrites. you can't smoke ANYWHERE on the property, but they expect you to endure this shit?
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      This is an issue for the unions. I do not see any way to successfully defeat this activity without a doctor's letter which, actually, should not be hard to obtain. I do not know a doctor that would not concur that a non-smoking room would be safer. Interesting if you later make a claim for work induced asthma what they would say then?
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