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Harassment at work for posting at YardLimits

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    ExCon - I have a bit more information and I withdraw my answer to you and I believe this is actionable.

    TPG573- You are correct that you need to tell the younger more susceptible persons that this clear downright propaganda.

    I would remind everyone that Rome was not built nor destroyed in a day.
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      See everyone on NS property is required to attend this workshop they are going to be exposed to the KOOL AID, I can tell them that a claim agent is a $%##@@ &&^%$$$% and most of the time they will believe that, and some of the time NO. When some people don't come to Union Meetings, now don't get me wrong this will not be a problem here because we fill the Hall, however the other locals need more Exposure to the truth the MAIL, Mail out your cards, emails, flyers. brochures with the facts on them this is what I mean.

      They have went mainstream, Law Firms better do the same, I know we still have the upper hand, because people hate the NS and every thing associated with them from Payroll to Human Resources and so on and so on. But if we are not careful, some will slip through the cracks, and it could have been one of those 100% liability cases, and I HATE SO MUCH TO SEE NS GET AWAY.



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        Originally posted by FELA FELLA View Post
        ps- I like the name Excon421....why did you pick it if I may ask?

        Former Conrail thus "ex-con" Thanks for your response, and for all the hard work you and your staff do.