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  • I got a question.....

    Steve, I got a question, but part of it pertains to bankruptcy law. I realize this may not be an area of your specialty, but I figure its worth a shot. Basically, I have a bill collector hounding my Mothers house (where I haven't lived since I was 18) about a credit card debt. I declared chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2004 and it has been discharged since 2006. I've already contacted this agency and let the person I spoke to have it. He assured me his agency was wrong for the phone calls and the letters sent. He also assured me that he would make sure it stopped. however, my mom called me today and said another guy from that agency has called her, and I am livid! My question is, short of threatening them and calling them names (which I will not do) How far can I ream them out without running afoul of the law? And would it just be easier to contact the attorney who handled my bankruptcy and have him send them a letter? Personally, I would prefer to cal them again and take out some frustration, I just need a cooler head's opinion on this. Thanks.

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    Steve requested we post this for you. He is having problems with the computer or the forum not recognizing something in his account.

    But here is his reply to you.

    Please send him this:

    Dear Amentifan322-
    I am having a bit of a software issue with my laptop communicating with the Forum so I hope this gets through. Yes you are right that this is WAY outside my practice area but try looking at: Debt Collection FAQs: A Guide for Consumers. If you want, to call me, I can have my firm write the letter on behalf of Mom.

    I can not stand debt collectors as they are almost as bad as Claims Agents!

    Steve Gordon


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      Thanks guys, Both of you!


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        Thank You Zeb

        Dear Amentifan322- If this post makes it up than what Zeb said to do worked. I want to say thank you to Zeb for relaying the post! Please call me at 1-800-773-6770 as I am up now for a while and we can see how to help Mom! I hope this goes Steve
        Steve Gordon
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          Opps I sent a pm to ya too....ament322.....


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            Thanks Steve, I appreciate it. I am going to have to give you a call tomorrow sometime, probably in the early afternoon. I don't have a land line and my cell phone is dead. I sure appreciate everything that you are doing for us on this forum....Keep up the good work!