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  • Shout out for Fela Fella

    I just wanted to give a shout out for Fela Fella. Last night I started a thread and asked him about going to the chiropractor. Withing about two hours I had a response from him, and also a private message asking me to call him personally. I figured what the heck and gave him a call. We ended up having a 30 minute discussion where he offered me some great advice, and all on his personal time. He did a good job explaining different scenarios to me, and listened while I explained my situation also.

    I encourage anyone that gets a personal message from Fela Fella to give him a call. It's free advice from an attorney, and not once did he try to solicit me to use his law firm.

    This is a great service that YL has provided for us. I also want to thank whomever was involved in helping set up Fela Fella with his own board.

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    Mr. gordon has brought a new level of respectability to our site and he is a great asset to this forum. Thank you for your service!


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      Thank You

      I very much appreciate the kind words. To be candid, it is I and my firm that are thankful to the Owners and Super-Duper Mods for allowing this to happen and to have made Yardlimits what it is today and what it is going to grow into. Being a part of that is pretty damn awesome. Take Care & Be Safe Steve
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