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  • It says Sports Bar....

    I hope that includes all types of sports.

    I usually don't like to see a lot of links posted, but this is good if you're into firearms at all, and worth the side trip. I found the link on Outdoorsunlimited dot net, just so they get the proper credit.

    The page in titled: "The Ten Manliest Firearms".
    Here's the link: 10 Manliest Firearms: by Michael Z. Williamson, SMLE, Mosin-Nagant M44, Swiss K31 Carbine, Remington 870

    There is a story, possibly apocryphal but awesome nonetheless, that a ranking German (possibly the Kaiser) was visiting and watching the Swiss military on their summer maneuvers. He asked the Swiss commander, "How big a force do you command?"

    The Swiss general confidently replied, "I can mobilize one million men in twenty-four hours."

    The German asked, "What would happen if I marched five million men in here tomorrow?"

    The Swiss replied, "Each of my men will fire five shots and go home."

    Good read, great comments.

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    I got a Remington 870
    20 gauge
    Sweet gun


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      Santa Claus fell alittle short, guess the economy hit him too...

      All I wanted was a extra Glock 17 extra clips of course, a HKMP5 with a FFL/Permit, laser could be optional unless it scared the reindeer, a Browning Belgium Auto-5, a Walther PPK, I really could use a Barrett M82 - (Scope of course) and a Bull barrel .308 with a really nice matched scope... that would be awesome.
      Oh, I also would like the SAW M249, couldn't find one at Home Depot or Lowes.


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        M1911 or M1917 Revolver would suit me fine.


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          Where does Browning make there guns now. I used to want one of those Sweet 16 made in Belgium?
          Never had enough to buy one.


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            I got one that could be on the/a list: Model '97 Winchester Trench Gun. First used in the trenches of WW1. So much fire power, the Germans sought to have it banned.


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              all I wanted for Christmas was a winning 100 million dollar lottery ticket, then I could buy my own armory....
              Only 511 ft lbs of Tq and only 1100 degrees EGT, damn, I need more fuel...