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Utah did it...

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  • Utah did it...

    Gave Alabama a spanking in right polite fashion.

    Hell, the second half I think Utah gave away more yards via penalties to Alabama than they could get when they had possession of the ball.....:xd:

    at least one non BCS team proved they belong, God knows BSwho could,'t do it....
    Only 511 ft lbs of Tq and only 1100 degrees EGT, damn, I need more fuel...

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    Does this mean that Utah will be crowned champions? I really think that they should. Everyone else has lost. Some teams to schools that they had no business losing to (SC v OR St....) (Fla v Ole Miss) OU loses to Tx. Not bad and was a very good game but a loss is a loss. Tx v Tx tech another outstanding game but a loss. That leaves Utah, who lost to no one and pretty much whipped Alabama. They deserve a piece of the pie.


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      Congrats to Utah they put a butt kicking on my beloved Crimson Tide.
      They wanted this game an the Tide looked bad.
      No excuses the UTES deserved this game.
      Hey they are Number 1 in my book.
      Undefeated an Untied.
      Beat Bama a whole lot worse than Florida did.
      Well I will lick my wounds but I will always be a Crimson Tide man.
      Congrats again to Utah.
      later brothers an sisters.


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        The UTES got fucked, the only team undefeated. It makes me fuckin' pissed, even though I am far from a UTAH fan, I give credit where credit is due.
        Have you ever, or recently been aided by the Government? NOPE.