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NFL season enders...

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  • NFL season enders...

    So, the Queens made a very nice 50 yard field goal to win...

    Chicago got their dumb asses royally handed to them.....

    And why in the hell was Pittsburgh letting Big Ben play today and get hurt bad enough to be carried off the field?
    Only 511 ft lbs of Tq and only 1100 degrees EGT, damn, I need more fuel...

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    Tell you what, I'm a Steeler fan & I was listening to that game on Sirius Radio. There was 1:48 left in the half when Ben got hurt. They thought he was not going to play in the second half. They thought he only played because last year they rested him & he didn't look good in the playoff game against Jacksonville.
    I sure think all four of the wild card teams are the best teams going into this next weekends games!