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    that was a horrendous game however the seinfeld skit was awesome. as a bills fan i'm still upset that our front office made a horrible decision by passing on russell wilson to draft tj graham in 2012. the seahawks defense was clearly in the heads of denver's receivers. peyton manning played poorly but denver's defense and special teams was horrendous and those two phases cost denver the game. it was seattle's time. they are a complete team and deserved to be world champs. i will never forget the infamous words of a sports talk radio caller from toronto who once said on a buffalo radio station in 2010 when chan gailey was hired as the bills coach, that the bills will regret not trying to make pete carroll their coach. i know one thing, dave "softy" mahler and the 206 is partying hard tonight. marshawn will never have to buy a package of skittles again in his life in seattle.