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I Solved the NHL lockout!

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  • I Solved the NHL lockout!

    After the players vote to decertify their union, just bring in the UTU and/or BLET to represent the players. The UTU/BLET will simply explain to the players that "this is the best we can do" and that "if we go to arbitration we will get even worse".

    Our wise leaders at the UTU/BLET might even make some seperate agreements between individual teams and their players, but division will make them stronger, right?

    Sure, there will be out of pocket co-pays when a player needs xrays or to see the team trainer, but "everyone else has co-pays" and it will cut down on players being over anxious to run for medical treatment everytime they go head first into the boards!!

    Bring in some real leadership, bring in the UTU/BLET and I'll bet they're skating by xmas!!

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    The only small problem I could think of is that they'll probably have the forwards and defensemen fighting each other, each blaming the other for all their troubles. Accusing each other of offering to play without the other, shit like that, but hey, everyone loves hochey fights.


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      no love? That was funny!!!


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        i loved how detroit red wings coach mike babcock said the nhl is going to become as relevant as pba bowling!
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          PBA Bowling. I don't understand... a sport as entertaining as football, if not more fun to play, and yet it's treated with so little respect.


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            I think they FINALLY have an agreement in place. Looks like we'll see partial season starting by the end of the month. Can't wait !!! Now that football is finalizing, I need to see Hockey !!!


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              And here I thought we were going to start seeing RCO goalies...


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                or 1 man teams
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