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mid season nfl thoughts

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  • mid season nfl thoughts

    1. the vikings will miss the playoffs

    2. mike shanahan is an arrogant fool skating off those two super bowls he won with john elway

    3. have a problem

    4. cleveland has a very bright future with mccoy as their qb, hillis as their rb, joe hayden as a lockdown db, and holmgren running that team

    5. the nfl is so wide open, anyone could win the super bowl this year. there are no geat teams. some good teams, but a lot of average teams.

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    Childress and Favre go into Lake Superior and don't come back out.

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      Childress n Favre lol! I wish the Colts didn't have 52 of their 53 players injured. OK it's not 52, but damn they're banged up. I'm guessing they'll go 10-6 this year. Glad the Cowboys suck which in my book, a Cowboys loss finishes a close second to a Colts win
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        What about Vick and the Eagles? He may be an idiot of a person but damn that dude is good. I think he will take the eagles to the playoffs if they can keep him healthy.

        Mark Sanchez sucks!

        Favre needs to retire

        The Raiders are actually winnig games

        NFL is actually interesting this years because there are no obvious picks

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          It has been a good season so far.

          Cowgirls are getting spanked almost every game.

          The only thing that would beat that would be Favre in his purple ViQueens uniform getting spanked more.
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