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  • UFC 121

    Anyone watching? I can't believe there aren't any mma fans on the site.

    Velasquez will put a decent fight, but Lesnar is too big and works too hard. Shields will win a boring decision like usual, but the hope is there for a nice sub.

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    Agreed, Velasquez will put up a good fight and give Brock a run for the money, but in the end, Brock will prevail.

    I want to see a Carwin / Lesnar rematch.
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      Cain beat Brocks ass plain and simple!! It looked like once Brock got hurt, the fight was gone in him. Cain learned from the Carwin / Lesnar fight and knew Brock would come out strong looking for the quick take down and pummel game. Cain beat Brock at his own game and didn't even look like he broke a sweat doing it.

      The best fight of the night was the Sanchez / Thiago fight. What a bunch of scrappers!! Sanchez dominated Thiago... loved the screaming take down!!
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        I didn't get to see it, but am watching espn mma show now.

        Brock is always learning, and came back strong after the Mir fight. Be interesting to see what he does.

        How did Shields look?


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          Shields looked ok but you can tell having to shed the pounds hurt him. He was gassed bad after about 1 minute into the second round. Split decision win. Top notch ground game.


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            Can't believe i had to miss this one ! kampman is one of my favs and I'm bummed he lost.REALLY wanted to see Kampman/GSP. I can't even get the PPV on my rest days as the temp hotel I'm in doesn't offer it. FOCK!

            I thought Lesner was an easy win too but he always seems to fold a bit when he gets caught, then is able to regroup. This time apparently not.
            Good for Cain and GREAT for the HW division. We now have and Ali, Frasier, Foreman-like era in the HW's.

            How did Kampy look against shields?. I heard there was a idiot 30-27 judge, that blew it for him. I'm always amazed how this shit still happens. At least they got rid of Dalby Shirley the worst most crooked (or stupid) judge ever.
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              Kampman looked good but he could not compete with Shields ground game.... every time you thought Kampman would get a submission with dars, Shields would just pull right out of it. Kampman definitely had the edge endurance wise, he looked good but it was the ground game of Shields that got the win