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  • A Pro Serbian YOUTUBE short

    [nomedia=""]THE BALKAN WARS - YouTube[/nomedia]
    And I have seen what the media can do to a group of people-in my case RAILROAD WORKERS-if they take a disliking to you.

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    Originally posted by jonnyseeandoh
    I did once own a Yugo, otherwise known as the Zastava Koral. For all the jokes they got, mine ran 280000 miles before it needed a.....muffler. I rolled it over in a ditch once. Some people helped me put it back on it's wheels and I drove away no damage. You'll never hear me say one bad word about Serbs.
    I have done a lot of reading about WWII and Serbia played a small but vital role in the frustration of Herr Hitler's schemes in Eastern Europe-and payed a terrible price. The Serbs were also the first to see Osama Bin Laden for who he was.
    The folk music from that part of the world is also excellent. [nomedia=""]ТАМО ДАЛЕКО - Faraway,Traditional Serbian Song, Kuban Cossack Chorus - YouTube[/nomedia]
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