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The Rape Of Europa

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  • The Rape Of Europa

    Available on HULU and I am guessing the basis for the upcoming film Monuments Men. I hope the movie is as good as this documentary! It must have been truly astonishing for those guys who first walked into those rooms filled with NAZI plunder!

    PS. An interesting aside here; but Hitler was a failed petty artist and how much did this play in his plans to conquer, kill, enslave and steal everything in sight but most of all the works of the great artists? Some jealousy going on there? Some occultist reasoning? Why you don't want petty artists and/or occultists in positions of power! Then it is interesting that the NAZIs had lists of goodies they wanted stolen even before they would invade somewhere, leaving one to wonder if WWII was in essence a big and bloody art heist.
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