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    [nomedia=""]Ride with the Devil - Official Trailer [1999] - YouTube[/nomedia] The best Civil War movie you have never heard of. A sort of Huckleberry Finn yarn in some Apocalypse Now bloodstained nightmare of a guerrilla war in Missouri/Kansas. The movie is a great period piece and the dialogue is genuinely of the Victorian era. Moreover the flick really puts you in the mindset of a Confederate guerrilla lad, and they do a credible job of putting you back into his shoes. Sights, sounds, Horsemanship, tactics, clothing, architecture, landscapes...all are well done. A great flick, especially for those of us with "Rebs in the attic" (Hey! Unlike some Rebs in the West Mosby's Raiders were gentlemen!). Review; Ride with the Devil Movie Review (1999) | Roger Ebert
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