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  • "The West by Ken Burns"

    [nomedia=""]THE WEST by Ken Burns (Ep5) | PBS America - YouTube[/nomedia]
    A series on the Westward Expansion of the USA in the 1800s. Epic-and true-stories, and you can catch the whole thing with a HULU trial; I am actually considering buying the whole DV set and mailing them to my granddaughter-and the Transcontinental Railroad episode alone is worth the price.
    If I have one criticism of the series it is that the old B&W photos should be colorized so as to make this fantastic story tolerable to the younger generations. Maybe the series will be updated and upgraded to color sometime and then I will for certain buy it-as it stands it is difficult to get children interested in those hokey old BWs.
    PS. The colorization thing horrifies B&W purists but...too bad!
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