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    Another masterpiece out of Russia on the subject of WWII (jeez! Get these guys cranking on a subject and watch 'em GO! AH well-it is the land of Tolstoy!). The grim and heroic subject of the flick is the Partisan War behind the NAZI lines and these guys tackle it with such savvy as to suggest that Partisan survivors were there on the set offering suggestions, as was the case with "Band Of Brothers"; [nomedia=""]The bomber - Trailer - YouTube[/nomedia] You can catch this series on HULU by signing up for the free trial; and typing "The Bomber" in the search engine. Want to know how Hitler ended up in in that bunker in Berlin? Well it had a lot to do with the fact that in the USSR his rear areas were insecure- "In flames" might be closer to the mark starting around the middle of 1943...looney bastid should have pulled out of the Russias right then-but that would have required that Hitler not be Hitler.
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