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"Soviet Storm; WWII in the East"

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  • "Soviet Storm; WWII in the East"

    Archivist Colonel David M. Glantz ([ame][/ame]) says "During the Cold War there were no reliable Russian sources on the subject of the Great Patriotic War/WWII in existence." Just shrill totalitarian dogma with little regard for the facts-and even without the Reds WWII was a subject impossible to be taken objectively for a couple of generations [nomedia=""]Вставай страна огромная... - YouTube[/nomedia]... Which makes it remarkable that the Russians have put together their side of the conflict with this breath taking, surprisingly objective, factual presentation. [nomedia=""]Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East - Operation Barbarossa (1 series) - YouTube[/nomedia] The best series to come out on the subject ever! May the former Soviets produce many more!
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