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  • "Argo"

    Another epic flick! What is with Hollywood these days that they are producing one 5 star after another? This is a hard eyed look into just how the mullahs took power in Iran. "Argo" is banned in Iran and has the rulers of that country so embarrassed that they are planning a counter movie; Iran's bizarre plan to remake Argo - The Week

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    I saw it back when it came out last year, very good movie.
    People with rubber pockets will steal soup!


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      Originally posted by Neverhome View Post
      I saw it back when it came out last year, very good movie.
      Here I thought that the movie must have been shot overseas-like maybe in Turkey or Uzbekestan? Wrong! It was shot in LA using Iranian exiles as extras; Where Was ARGO Filmed? Garrett On The Road
      That does go a long way in explaining the "Realdeal feel" of that howling, slogan chanting, irrational, murderous nightmare that was/is the Iranian Revolution. And the exiles would know-they lived it!
      PS. I am holding off catching "Gangster Squad" as I suspect that Hollywood will be cranking out the usual crap for months and months after this Holiday Season's incredible crop of great flicks.
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