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"The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey."

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  • "The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey."

    The wife and I saw this one last night in 3D and it was impressive! The special effects are a generation beyond anything to date... We felt more like we had been on a long Disneyland ride rather than a movie! WHOAH! The Hobbit Movie News

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    so does it have a good ending, or one of those endings that leaves all the plot lines open until the SECOND sequel?
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      Oh they are stretching it out for two more movies and they leave you hanging eyeball to eyeball with a real badass of a dragon. Still a rocket ride and nothing like it has been seen on the screen before. The GOBLIN KING is a new spin on things-a monster with a standup comedian's sense of humor! SEE this one in 3d unless you have a problem with that.
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