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Old silent film short.

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  • Old silent film short.

    This is an old old silent film from about 1915, and it is what it is. Lady telegrapher on the railroad in a remote office saves the day when a locomotive runs away. Enjoy it for what it is.

    The Hazards of Helen: Episode 26, "The Wild Engine" : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


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    Per railroad Standard Operating Procedure - Superintendent to the crew and Helen, "Thanks for your service to the company for preventing a disaster and saving lives and equipment. Now because of the excessive amount of rules infractions in performing this task you all are fired. Have a good day."

    I wasn't sure of this until I did some digging with Google but the kid on the motorcycle was played by a young "Hoot" (Edmund Richard) Gibson.
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      Sad but tolerance for good performance these days.
      si hoc non legere potes tu asinus es!