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10 things husbands should neva do

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  • 10 things husbands should neva do

    Yo bro dawgs.. Here's how to be on the up side of things.

    Marriage Humor at - Husband and Wife Humor

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    Posted by DD 3 hours and 40 minutes ago

    #1 - A guy can call it whatever the heck he wants if it means his wife gets to pamper herself all day. #2 - This goes both ways, don't imply a husband "sits on his butt all day" at work unless he actually sits on his butt all day. #3 - If the wife wants it, why not? #4 - Wife pics her own perfume. #5 - Bragging is not nice but when the wife drives she wastes gas and loves to speed. #6 - Fair enough. Now when I clean the house on my day off when the wife is at work, dont whine about how I didnt mop right. #7 - The wife makes frequent trips to the department store to spend money on clothes for herself, the least she can do is return/exchange mine. #8 - I'm the funny guy, not the know it all guy. #9 - Dont ask, and we wont tell! #10 - Fair enough. Dont expect a medal if you finally get the oil changed (after reminded for 3 weeks straight)
    What this guy said!
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      Well, I could hide erotic things in the kitchen sink and my wife would never notice them. Guess why?!
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