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    When I come home from a ruff trip I always have my four boys (ages 9, 6, 2, and 6 months) that greet me at the door with a huge loud "Daaaaad!!!!". Regardless of how bad the day was that moment is the best in the world. They all grab hold of my legs and hug me and then want to take turn stealing my PPE and vest and wearing it. My 9 year old has already told me he wants to be my Conductor when I'm an engineer and he is old enough to hire out. Although who knows if this job will be what it is now by then but it is still flattering and makes me think about how cool it would be to work like that with my son. My 6 year old admires the job too. And usually my two year old wants to play Thomas the Train when I get home.

    The other wind down is to read yardlimits and then head down to my "office/computer room and either practice my trombone or guitar or work on the numerous orchestra pieces i am writing.


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      Originally posted by nsguy View Post
      I won't watch it because of the way I heard it ends. I did watch Ol' Yeller when I was a kid and it must have screwed me up. The dogs I've had in my life were too much like humans.They all seemed to know when it was play time, eat time, hunting time, fishing time or just time to go for a ride in the truck!
      Yeah, I kinda had same situation with my dog. Oh well. live and learn. Anyways, yeah dogs are like humans but.. they don't complain, don't get bored, don't say I needa clean up, don't say i'm getting fat. They never hate me, They just sit there and enjoy life- Mans best friend.
      Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.