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  • Memorial Day

    May I ask every-one on this Memorial Day and every day to please remember and pray for our fallen soldiers.Lets not forget the ultimate sacrifice they have made for the freedom we enjoy. Lets also honer the past-present-and future soldiers who have fought and will fight for that same freedom. I have changed my avatar today to honer a very good friend who served in Irac two tours of duty,while there he lost three unit members due to road-side bombs.We have also posted our flag,and put bunting on our fence along the driveway- Please share the honers you all have done for our military men and women. (I am still trying to get photo to work-keep getting invalid file )
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    Originally posted by fatboy View Post
    (I am still trying to get photo to work-keep getting invalid file )
    The picture uploading onto the forum was disabled for some reason. You can still upload pictures onto the main page (I believe), or other (like photobucket, or what ever it is), or you can take the url from the pic on the web and post it on here using the picture icon on the top of the posting board.

    EDIT: I just read the reason why, and maybe how you need to handle pictures now, including avatar pictures.
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      Forum attachments work again. I installed a new server image package and had a setting set wrong. Now attachments should work better than before.