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Tribal casino monopoly broken in New York!

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  • Tribal casino monopoly broken in New York!

    New York voters OK private casinos
    I hope my state gets the hint and follows suit!
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    I wish Idaho would get the hint and allow a casino to be built near Boise, they would make a killing. People from Boise go to Jackpot Nevada or Pendleton Or and spend serious cash. Build one here, and let the money flow. Dumbasses will bust a bar owner for running a video poker machine that pays out, yet you can buy Idaho lottery and pull tab tickets now. Seems it sure could help our state tax coffers to keep it in Idaho.
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      Well the cat is long out of the bag and it's crazy that the states don't go after this for the revenues. The tribals-at least the tribals around here-have become monopolies with all that comes with that. Time they got some competition...
      My brother in Upstate says that the State approached the tribals asking for tax revenues. The tribals said basically "No!" as they had never paid taxed before. So the state told them "fine, we are building seven new casinos and if you pay us no taxes we build them next to yours...and with your reputations I think you know what will happen..."
      So the tribals paid the taxes.
      The state is still building their casinos, just not next to the older ones.
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        We need tables in Idaho.......... ! Like Washington........!


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          Originally posted by jonnyseeandoh
          That's tantamount to taxation without representation. Tribal land is Sovereign, and States cannot tax another Sovereign. Full disclosure, I am part Cherokee, park Creek and 100% biased.
          All well and good-but the Tribals in my state have become monopolies with all that comes with that. Competition is coming and it is inevitable and the tribals will have to compete in a new market.
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