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  • AK Cruise Anyone?

    Anyone here ever been on an Alaskan Cruise? The wife and I went our first ever cruise last fall, courtesy of her employer, to the Carribbean. It was beautiful and a very good time but I could not get over the out of control humidity even in the middle of the night in the middle of the Gulf.

    As a result, I want to go again but to a different climate. Anyone gone to an AK cruise and if so what was it like?
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    Went to alaska on royal carribean vision of the seas couple years ago,Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!Flew out to Vancover to board ship-Ten days inside passage with six or so stops at Sitka,Seward,etc,with Glacier watching on one day,then three days land tour up to Denali park and on train ride that served supper.One thing you need to do is pack for All seasons.Can be rainy,hot,cold,etc.Work with travel agent-all cruise companys send DVD movies of what they have to offer to them and most agencies will have people who have taken the trips they are selling.I cant express enough that if you spend the money to do an alaska trip you need to get a suite with a balcony.Suites are a little bigger and having a balcony lets you view so much more at your convience(middle of nite in your underwear if you want)You are in view of land on both sides of the ship most of the time and you will have first hand wiewing of whales from balcony,I could talk all day about our experience,One of the best times we have ever had-The glacier bay experience in one I'll never forget.The blue of the ice and the shotgun sound of the glaciers calving into the sea is breathtaking!!!!Any specific questions please ask.
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      I've talked to a few that have gone on the Alaskan cruise and everyone of them loved it. I haven't heard anyone say, or heard of anyone, that has not liked this cruise.


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        Me and a couple friend's were thinking about doing some type of cruise one day, maybe we shall look in to the Alaskan variety.


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          AK Cruise

          I agree with Fatboy...

          The wife and I went on Princess to Alaska a few years ago.

          About the same route, inside passage north from Vancouver to Seward.

          Alaska is like another country. The mists hang over the mountains. Vast open space. Beautiful.

          After we landed in Seward, we took the bus to Anchorage, rented a room for the night.

          The next day, we rented a car and drove north to Talkeetna. Beautiful little town with a beautiful lodge (Talkeetna Lodge). They have a large deck on the rear of the lodge that faces Mt. McKinley (the locals call Mt. McKinley "Denali," and are opinionated about having a President's name forced on their mountain.)

          From the rear deck of the lodge, Mt. McKinley looms above the horizon (20,000 + feet) and it looks as if you could walk to its base...but the mountain is 60 miles away!

          We went to the local airport and went on a charter that flew around Mt. McKinley. Saw glaciers, snow fields and clouds clinging to the peak of the mountain.

          Drove up to Denali National park. Saw moose, bear, everything.

          I've been on three cruises. This was the best.

          If you get a package that includes air, ask if you can extend your return a few days and drive or take a train ride along the countryside.

          The scenery is so beautiful, one could stop every mile and take postcard like pictures.

 is expensive to travel, eat and stay in get some prices before you plan to do the extension.

          You get much more in the feel of the countryside by looking at everything from the land instead of just by water.


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            Opus,we stayed at talkeetna at the lodge also.Walked into town and ate at the local watering hole,Had a real need for a cold beer and greasy cheesburger after all the gourmet food on the ship.The one thing I regret is that we had the land tour and didn't rent a car and explore on our own.The travel agent we used had some local people who she uses in alaska for a scaled down more intimate feel to the different tours and entertainment but they get booked up WAY in advance. Hoping to go again on the thirtyth anniversary next year.
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              My sister in law and her husband are up there now.

              They flew into Anchorage and are renting a car and driving from Anchorage to Fairbanks, stopping along the way at Talkeetna and Denali.

              I think we will do the same thing in a few years.


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                When we went it was in sept,have you heard if its better (weather wise) earlier in the year? When we were there we got lucky cause they were going thru a drought,believe it or not! ! ! So we had great weather,probably won't get that lucky again.
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                  Changed my avatar to one of my favorite pics of Mt McKinly for your viewing pleasure.
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