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NS 9 1 1 leading on the NS Louisville District

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  • NS 9 1 1 leading on the NS Louisville District

    Back in the middle of August, NS 9 1 1 (The First Responders Unit) made a trip down the CNO&TP and across the Louisville District leading train 375.

    This unit has been somewhat rare here in Ky, only having been in the state a handful of times. I decided to play Suckerhole Roulette (it was a typical cloudy Summer afternoon) and see what I could do with it. Here are a few from that chase between Harrodsburg and Waddy, KY.

    Full Sized versions of these are available at this link >>>

    August 16th, 2016

    NS 375 at Harrodsburg, Ky along the clear, refreshing waters of Town Branch Creek (That was Sarcasm!)

    Crossing the creek just down the road from Jreb World HQ at Salvisa, KY

    Headed in the siding at CP Harrison (formally known as East Waddy) to meet a pair of Eastbounds. Waddy, KY

    Stopped at West Waddy

    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Sometimes a cloudy day can give surprising results....if you have a photogenic scene, take a couple shots......ya never know. Singh-Ray makes a couple different filters that can make the most of iffy lighting.
    si hoc non legere potes tu asinus es!


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      Theres a little too much slack in that walkway chain..................