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Coal trains, More Heritage power and SUN on the CNO&TP in KY

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  • Coal trains, More Heritage power and SUN on the CNO&TP in KY

    Wednesday 12/16/15 Adam & myself headed South on the 2nd District of the CNO&TP for the day....and for the First time in a long time, we had SUN! After the last month or so of dreary weather, that bright glowing ball in the sky was a welcome got up to almost 70 degrees again here in Central and Southern Kentucky, which really tends to not seem much like Christmas, but I Digress.

    I seem to have been spending a lot of time on the Louisville District this year, along with a few local shortlines, and had not been "South" much at all. The First train we shot was that ol 894 TVA "Kingston Turn" coal train that we had just shot over the weekend, and it still had the same power (which is usual for that job) including the NSRY 8114 and NYC 1066. Between that and a few more, we had a decent day until the clouds started to roll back in during the afternoon.

    You can find the full sized versions of these at this link>>


    Southbound 894 comes by the CP at Bowen, KY with the 8114 2nd out and NYC 1066 still serving as the botom DPU.

    894 again, down to a walk as the train climbs the grade through the cut at Kings Mountain, KY

    The big rule book of taking pretty train pictures says to never aim your camera into the sun....which most of the time is good advice. Certain situations call for a person to break the rules, and I felt this was One of them. 894 at Kings Mountain, KY

    Southbound rack train 275 rolls down the valley at Eubank, KY .

    NS 275 is ridge running through Gradison, Ky as it passes the Freedom Church Cemetery. This is a spot I have been meaning to check out for a couple of years and finally got around to it.. There are just not a lot of places on the CNO&TP that I have not shot at over the years, so finding something new is always nice....I think this can be done better, but I was pleased with this to start with!

    NS 179 has a dirty UP leader as it negotiates the roller coaster at Gradison, KY
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Shooting into the sun unavoidable sometimes, but if you can get the sunlight oblique enough you get a super pic like that! Very artful!
    si hoc non legere potes tu asinus es!