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The 73rd Annual CSX Santa Train on the Clinchfield

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  • The 73rd Annual CSX Santa Train on the Clinchfield

    A week ago Saturday 11/21/15, CSX operated the 73rd annual Santa Train on the 110 mile route between Shelby, Ky and Kingsport, TN via the Clinchfield. With the recent closing of the middle portion of this route, the future for this tradition is certainly unknown at this time, but at least the train ran this year....but will it be the last time?? Only Time will tell.

    I had been on the fence about going, but decided to join a few friends at the last moment, and the day turned out well. We had sunny skies for the majority of the day, except when the train crossed the famous Copper Creek Bridge at Speers Ferry, Va. The crowds were large as usual, and given the uncertainty of the future, there was a LOT more folks out than normal to shoot the train . CSX is of course, not my usual thing, but this seemed important enough to make the trip for.

    Below are a few teasers, and you can find all of my results at this link >>>

    Well before the sun got above the ridge, the train crossed the C&O Bridge over the Russell Fork at Elkhorn City, KY. The Second stop of the day was right ahead in downtown. At this point, the train was running about 10 minutes early

    The sun was finally up by the time the train made its was through the reverse curves at Haysi, Va.

    The train plunges into the Haysi Tunnel, ready for the stop on the other side. The blonde gal next to Santa is Meghan Linsey, the celebrity guest.....cant say I have ever heard of her.

    The train swings around the famous Osbourne's Curve near Dungannon, VA

    Large crowds waited for Santa all along the route, as seen here at Fort Blackmore, Va

    The train crosses a swollen Holston River as it approaches the end of the trip at Kingsport, TN
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    My LC was on that train somewhere....not on the tailboard I assure.
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      I read this was the first time ever micheal ward was ever been on the santa clause train. 73 years he better keep it going what a shitbag move it would be to cancel it In The future. That csx bisness train is a joke its ugly as hell tiny pin stripes on the cars whatever color that is on top looks like it's faded out and that dull ass blue looks like its going to someone funeral. they don't even have the new logo on either engine. I read they like a older low cab engine leading for visibility fine but it looks like shit with only one of there passanger engines behind it long hood out. Nice pictures and a good thing csx does.
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        Visibility of course, but also, with HEP the f40ph is a thunderwagon from hell!
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