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NS 9-1-1 Night Photo Session at Georgetown, Kentucky

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  • NS 9-1-1 Night Photo Session at Georgetown, Kentucky

    "Courage is being scared to death—but saddling up anyway."---John Wayne.

    Back in June, I was honored to be part of an impromptu photo shoot featuring the NS 911 "First Responders" tribute engine which honors all of the brave men and women that serve as Firefighters, Police Officers, and Paramedics. . With the efforts of Casey Thomason from NS and our good friend Chad Harpole who was able to enlist the help of the Georgetown FD and Scott County Sheriffs Office on short notice, we set up a great photo op at the old Georgetown Depot on the 1st District of the CNO&TP. This all came together in the span of about 2 hours...a great effort with a great result!

    During the limited time the train was stopped, a small group of us managed to get a few shots, including this, which has to be One of my top 5 favorite shots I have ever taken. I have lot of friends in those fields that give of themselves daily to keep us all safe and secure, and we all should recognize and be grateful of that. They are the unsung hero's, and NS is a class act for painting a rolling tribute to them.

    You can find the high resolution version of this image at this link, plus another angle I did for the Scott County SO.

    NS 911 at Georgetown, KY 06/25/15

    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Thats a great photo!