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A Double Heritage Sunday on the NS Louisville District

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  • A Double Heritage Sunday on the NS Louisville District

    We have had a bunch of heritage power running around here in KY over the past couple of months, but Sunday 08/02/15 was a especially good day. The stars all aligned and we had the Virginian 1069 leading train 376 out of Louisville, and the Reading 1067 leading train 275 out of the mixing center at Shelbyville, KY....back to back!

    I headed out fairly early and made my way West over to Waddy, KY to wait on 376. The Louisville District was a mess after something managed to get things gummed up over night. Several trains had been tied down with no crews, so it was a bit of a wait for the First shot, and that would be the way the rest of the day went. I followed the 376 East from Waddy to McBrayer before doubling back to catch the 275 (which was running about 30 mins behind 376).

    Despite all the waiting in the nasty 90 degree heat, I came away with a few keepers and enjoyed a "lazy" day close to home...heck, I only drove about 50 miles!

    Here are a few samples, and you can check out the entire set at Pbase, just follow this link >>>>> NS OCS & Heritage power 2015 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    Virginian 1069 leads NS train 376-02 by the West end of the siding at Waddy, Ky

    376 comes through the small town of Avenstoke, KY

    376 climbs out of the Salt River bottoms near McBrayer, KY

    Less than 30 minutes later, NS 275 comes by the same location as above, with Reading 1067 leading.

    275 passes 376-01, which had been tied down in the siding at Talmage, KY all day. 376-02 passed 376-01!
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Here in Texas, these "heritage" units are the only NS power most of us will shoot! You can keep the rest...please!