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2 Feet of snow and the NS EMD show in KY

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  • 2 Feet of snow and the NS EMD show in KY

    Just when you think that I cant make another post about trains in the snow....we go and get almost 2 feet of the wonderful stuff here in Central KY!

    What will (sadly) probably be our last Winter storm of the season dumped almost 2 feet of snow on Central and Southern KY on Wednesday March 4th and Thursday March 5th. The sheer volume of snow that fell in about 12 hours meant more bad road , but the crews did what they could, and I ventured out on Friday and Saturday to record the aftermath. As luck would have it, almost everything I shot had a EMD leader, making things that much better!

    Here are a few from the NS Louisville district, and the entire set (almost 20 new images) can be found at this link >>>> NS Louisville District 2015 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at


    NS 167 with a former CR SD60M passes a work train with a SD40-2 at East Talmage, KY....EMD overload!

    167 slogs through the snow at Harrodsburg, KY with the dynamics howling to bring the train down to 15mph for the street running through town.


    Eastbound NS 376 ambles down the siding at Waddy, KY to meet 22A.

    A Loram rail grinder is in the clear in the house track at Waddy, ready to go to work after a few trains run.

    "Home" A D9 with issues sits dead and drained in the house track at Lawrenceburg, KY as 376 passes by on the main. This is my hometown, and I spent a good chunk of my childhood sitting in a chair there in that big open area between the Two..of course back then that area was occupied with the depot, and it was there that I learned more about 19R train orders, switch list and cussing than any kid probably needed to know. The house track would have been occupied with a certain SOUTHERN SW1 and a GP38-2 for train 19 & 20 (the local) while an endless stream of SD45s and SD40-2s roared by on the main. This is the spot where my love of trains was born, this is the spot where my childhood heros worked and put up with a kid with endless questions...this is the spot I spent countless hours with my dad watching trains on the weekends..... You can go home again, but there is nothing there now but memories and ghost.

    111 is near Talmage, KY with a SD60E leading a mess of dead power headed for the shop.
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Very nice, I especially liked the pic you narrated about called "home".
    Only 511 ft lbs of Tq and only 1100 degrees EGT, damn, I need more fuel...


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      2 feet? I think you measure snow like the weatherman measures his dick.
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