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A pair of NS SD40-2's back to back, One Green & Unique, One Black

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  • A pair of NS SD40-2's back to back, One Green & Unique, One Black

    (Wed March 26th) NS 123 came South out of Cincinnati and down the CNO&TP with something that is pretty dang rare around here...and set of SD40-2's as the only power. To make it even better (I guess that's all in how you look at it) the leader was NS 3528.

    The 3528 (Former HLCX 7149 - BN 7149 ) is one of 80 EMD SD40-2's recently acquired from Helm Leasing, and one of the most unique. The unit still carries its special BN paint and decals it received when it was converted to burn LNG (Natural Gas) and also has flared radiators (a feature not normally found on a SD40-2). The paint is battered and worn, and now its just another "Fast 40" that will probably look just like the former CR unit behind it before long, so getting a chance to shoot it made a late supper worthwhile. Standing there listening to that pair drag a heavy train up Moreland Hill in #8 at a walk was even better....never has there ever been a GE that can rumble your guts like that!

    Here are a few shots from the afternoon. You can find the whole set in much higher resolution at this link >>> 2nd District of the CNO&TP 2014 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    The old model SC Searchlight signals at South Danville stand guard as NS 123 heads South behind a pair of SD40-2's yesterday afternoon. In the grand scheme of things, shooting that sad looking 3528 leading is a good catch (for history's sake) but I would give about anything to be able to shoot a Trio of High Hood SD40-2's here again...just one more time...before those signals fall.

    They dont have to look good to run good, and the 3528 is a testament to just how power short NS is right now, and just how valuable a 36 year old EMD still is, compared to the alternative

    123 claws up the hill at Moreland, KY in #8, making that deep, low rumble and roar that will shake you to the core.

    We shot a couple of other trains South of Danville while waiting on 123 to fuel and get on the move. A pair of Redheads roll NS 124 North through Milidgeville, KY. I think this is the first time I have ever shot this location that the sun was out, and there was not a ugly, distracting RV parked by the barn...

    179 rolls through Moreland, Ky in the perfect evening light.
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY