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Heritage x 4 and Northbound Clowns on the CNO&TP in KY

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  • Heritage x 4 and Northbound Clowns on the CNO&TP in KY

    I am usually not this far behind in processing this early in the year...BUT...I am. That is not a good omen for the rest of the year, but I am slowly catching up (again) in order to get behind again..

    The first part of March was a busy time on the CNO&TP if you happen to enjoy shooting the Heritage power and other special moves. I managed to catch a few, loose a few, get screwed by the never ending clouds a few times, got screwed by the sun a few times (When you NEED clouds they are never around, when you don't need them...thats all you get!) but still came away with a few keepers.

    Here is the first installment, and look for more in the next few days. Check out this link for the full sized, high res versions of all of these and a few more that you are not seeing here >>>>> NS Heritage Power and OCS in 2014 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    Saturday, March 8th, Tyler and myself headed South to intercept a Northbound 57W empty grain train with MGA 8025 and LV 8104 leading. This was One of those times you NEED it to be cloudy, as shooting a Northbound train on a Sunny day is a loosing proposition. While we started out socked in by the clouds, it would soon clear up and pretty much ruin or chances of any more decent shots. After we drove all the way to Parkers Lake, Ky (and missed him by 20 seconds due to getting delayed by a wreck) we finally had a little luck at Jones Knob, just North of Burnisde, KY.

    Its usually fairly easy to keep up with a 50mph train on the CNO&TP, and we headed off in hot pursuit..but the train was hotter. He had nothing but clear blocks all the way up to Palm, and we would not get another shot until almost Danville. Later in the day, we headed back South again to intercept Northbound 124 which had the Illinois Terminal 1072 playing Second Fiddle behind a GE. Here is 124 with the bright Green EMD brightening up the drab winter landscape at the Green River Dip near Southfork, KY

    Tuesday March 11th, NYC 1066 was the leader on the hot 295, a Southbound stack train and for an added bonus, the RB&BB Red Unit Circus train would come North later in the day. I was able to get out of work about Noon, and Carmon and myself headed out to get both of those.

    In this view, NYC 1066 crosses over #1 to #2 track at CP North Wye (just North of Danville KY) as the train weaved around a mess of stopped trains. That's 289 sitting in the background waiting on a new crew to take it West to Louisville, and there was a Northbound 116 stopped on #1 track just behind me at SJ Tower.

    After spending a hour or so in Danville, 295 rolls down the valley at Palm, KY under a perfectly clear sky.

    Later in the evening, the NS 048 finally managed to get through all the Southbound traffic and make it to us. It was a very busy day and the circus train managed to get some serious delay between Burnside and Cincinnati. Here it is sailing through the Green River Dip near Southfork, KY in the low evening light.

    And again easing up the North main through the yard at Danville, KY. I had not really intended on shooting it here, but the West yard was unusually empty this day, and I could not pass up the good light and wide open view. This gives you a good idea of just how long this thing is, and you can only see 24 cars!
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY