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Lady Liberty, KCS and EMD's on the Gut Line

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  • Lady Liberty, KCS and EMD's on the Gut Line

    It seems that ever since NS released the Heritage fleet into service, each of them have tended to avoid some places, while others have seemingly stayed in the same place. Here in Central KY, we have seen our share of them over the past 2 years, and a few of them over and over and over. When something "new" shows up, its usually worth going after. CNJ 1071 was One of those that had avoided Kentucky for the most part, until the past month or so.

    In Late January, the 1071 found it self in grain train service, making a few round trips between Indiana and Louden, TN. I was lucky enough to shoot it a couple of times on the CNO&TP, and then it went West with a 55A early last week...I figured that would be that. Unknown to us at the time, the engine was pulled off that 55A at Louisville and would be turned and lead Eastbound 376 on Friday 02/07/14 across the Gut Line (the Louisville District) and then North up the CNO&TP.

    Train 376 is basically a long distance local between Louisville KY and Columbus, Ohio and tends to take its time getting there with a lot of places to work along the way. Friday morning I got a call about the train (and the power) and got lucky thanks to that low on the totem pole status of 376. The train had gotten out of Louisville a bit later than normal, and had to work a place or Two which gave me enough time to wrap up work for the day and get trackside for a few shots.

    Besides the 376, the pair of Eastbounds running close behind it where well worth taking time to shoot. 285 had a new (rebuilt) SD60E and a KCS Belle for power, and 23G had a nice pair of EMD's as well. It was a productive few hours, and we even had a little sun late in the day. The 1071 has moved on now (it was already in Eastern PA Two days after I shot it here), but maybe we can get something else to show up a few times...The N&W...IT..Southern...anything but the dang CR 8098 that has found a home in coal service through here!

    Below are a few favorites, and you can find the entire set at this link in much larger size. NS Louisville District 2014 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    Eastbound 376 at Nevin Station, KY

    CNJ 1071 and a great set of power at East Talmage, KY

    A short time later, the train slowly drags through East Harrodsburg, trying to get back up to trackspeed after the 15mph restriction through the streets in town. At this point, the crew had about 45 minutes left to work.

    The tree's are still showing a good coating of ice as 376 eases to a stop at Shuttleworth (just West of Danville KY). The train would stop here to change crews and fuel the power before turning North up the CNO&TP towards Cincinnati.

    I decided to let 376 go since the sun was out, and once it turned North the light would have been all wrong. Knowing I had 285 and 23G getting close, I ran back to my favorite spot at Vanarsdale KY for those Two.

    NS 285 at Vanarsdale, KY with NS 6911 and a KCS Belle.

    And not 30 minutes behind was 23G with a nice set of EMD's to finish out the day.

    and a shot that pretty much sums up our weather around here for the last several weeks. Most folks around here are sick and tired of the snow, ice, and cold....but I am one of the strange ones I guess. I don't seem to tolerate the near Zero temps like I used to, but I would be more than happy to keep the snow! Speaking of snow....and ice....stay tuned for another set of pictures in a few days with a lot more of both.
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    The odds are low on getting 5 units facing the same direction like the 376 had. Great photos as always, enjoying the snow , pics, keep 'em coming!
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