well...not THE last day of 2013, but our last outing of the year...

Saturday December 28th, 3 close friends joined me for a guys day out around Burnisde, Ky. (We left Carmon at home to cook dinner for us when we returned...her idea). The plan was to head down and shoot some updates of the double track project between Somerset and Burnside KY (Which I shared yesterday) and to generally enjoy a day out (which is really not hard to do with that company). It would be a day filled with plenty of trains, lots of laughs, and me giving birth to a boulder in a quiky-mart bathroom.

We headed South well before sunrise, and I was already starting to regret getting out of the bed before we had gone 10 miles. . I had been feeling poorly for several days, and had a notion of what it was...and I would later find out I was right. After bagging a couple of trains on the way, we started to work the construction area between CP Woods and CP Grove, and got several trains in the process. During a lull in traffic, we made a bathroom break, and 15 minutes later I had given birth to my Second Kidney stone of the year (I cant tell you how many of those nasty things I have had..average is 3 a year)..good thing the store was empty, because it was not (or ever is) a pleasant or quiet thing to have happen. I finally came out of the store, still in extreme pain, to find my traveling companions eating lunch...."we thought you fell in"....the compassion was overwhelming..."Are there more trains coming, because if there are we need to get to the tracks now"....yea, let me get right on that!

Never one to give up easily, I sucked it up and tried to drive (and not disturb their lunch) to get us some more trains. Even with the lack of sunlight, we still bagged a few good shots, had a lot more laughs, and enjoyed ourselves. That evening, we returned home to chow down on a round of Carmon's awesome Seafood enchiladas, followed by a long round of Monopoly....not a bad day in my book, even with the trauma I had endured that morning.

Here are a few favorites of the day, and you can find the rest of them at this link along with the rest of my 2013 2nd District stuff at this link. >>>>>> 2nd District of the CNO&TP Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at pbase.com


Northbound 170 comes through the swag at Gradison Kentucky shortly after sunrise. I was in the middle of some pretty bad contractions at this point, and was surprised I even got it in focus.

Northbound 116 at Deep Hollow, KY.

Southbound 285 comes up the hill at Garlands Bend, Ky with the only good power we would see all day.

174 drifts down the hill at Stonehenge Curve at Garlands Bend, with the rear end of 285 rounding the curve in the distance.

"Shortbritches Odell" frames up his shot of 223 at Cumberland Chair, just South of Norwood KY

An unusually long 295 slowly slogs up the grade at Kings Mountain on a cold, grey afternoon. With a little creative cropping, you can get those ugly new signals out of the frame. I just hope those old searchlights can hold on long enough to see some steam one more time!

A Southbound manifest passes the intermediate signals at the Green River Dip near Southfork, KY.

And not a railroad shot, but a fitting end...the last shot of the year, of the last Sunset of 2013 as seen from our front porch on the 31st. 2013 has been a very productive and fun year for me, and I hope 2014 is even better