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A sunny (and busy) Sunday morning close to home

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  • A sunny (and busy) Sunday morning close to home

    With almost a months worth of trips coming up, I had intended to say around home this past weekend. Saturday the weather was dreadful with a cold rain, wind and clouds and I stayed around the house, but just about sunset the clouds cleared out, and by the time Sunday morning around rolled around it was cold but clear. I was already up and had nothing much to do, so out the door I went. Carmon decided to be lazy and stay at home, so my buddy Gage joined me and we spent a few hours enjoying the perfect weather.

    I tried to behave and not burn to much gas, and we never got over 50 miles from home. NS stayed pretty busy, and after a quick trip up to Waddy KY to catch 223, we followed it back towards Danville KY and spent the rest of the morning bouncing back and forth between the CNO&TP and the Louisville District. While I do enjoy a good road trip, sometime staying local is a nice change of pace and as busy as NS is around here, can be productive. We managed to get a bunch of trains in a rather short time, and stay within 50 miles of the its time to prepare for F units and steam (which means a LOT of miles) in Indiana, Kentucky, TN, AL, and NC.

    You can check out Pbase for everything we shot (in the Louisville District and 1st District galleries) >>> 2013 Rail Photography Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at


    223 had nothing special for power, but the light was great as it eased out of the siding at East Waddy, KY and started down the steep 1.5% decent to Avenstoke.

    "The fastest thing in town" After 223 got by us at Talmage, we heard a few trains over on the CNO&TP, so I headed out towards Burgin to see what we could find. First up was Northbound 216, seen here streaking by the old Burgin station sign that has been hanging on the old plywood shed for years.

    As soon as 216 got across single track, a Southbound 375 got a light at Brown, and about 15 minutes later came slogging up the hill out of the Kentucky River valley. In most cases if a Southbound will have to meet a train at CP Brown, the dispatcher will have them hold back North of High Bridge in order to get a run for the hill, but for what ever reason 375 got held at Brown and was really struggling on the hill.

    Not to far behind was a 46X grain train, seen here at a private farm crossing just North of Burgin, KY

    46X had to hold up at the wye while things cleared out in the yard at Danville, and I was able to get back ahead of them and grad a couple of shots at North Wye as they passed 375.

    A couple of Westbounds had left Danville while we messed around over on the North end, and after I heard them meeting a pair of stack trains at Talmage, we headed back over to Harrodsburg to get them. First up was train 285, seen here in an extreme wide angle view (extreme for me anyway) passing through town. That old house has probably seen more trains than all of us combined over the years..

    The last train of the day was 23G. I popped him coming by the signal at West Harrodsburg, and after that headed on back to the house to watch the race...not a bad way to kill a morning....and I never got over 50 miles from home!
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Well, I'll never understand your fascination with taking pictures of trains, Mr. Bell. But you are very good at it.


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      Its just a hobby, no different that hunting, fishing, chasing women and collecting stamps

      With that said, I have always been into photography, and DO shoot a lot more stuff than just trains (although that is the main thing). Its a hobby that has turned into a nice little side business as well..This year alone I have had my stuff published in magazines (including the cover shot and a bunch of stuff inside the December issue of Trains magazine), contributed to Two book projects, and have sold stuff to a couple of RR suppliers to be used in advertising. That all pays pretty good, and more than makes up for the gas, hotels and other cost of all these trips we take.

      Doing what we do is not near as easy as you night think. When we travel outside of our home area, it takes a LOT of research with maps, timetables and other assorted tools to plan out a trip. We are getting ready to head to Fort Wayne Indiana this weekend to shoot the NKP 765 steam trips, and I have been researching and planning for that for about Two weeks.

      My wife also enjoys it, and goes with me most of the time..she has gotten pretty good at it, and is getting a couple of her shots published for the first time as well.

      If you want to see more than trains, check out our full Pbase Gallery E.M. & Carmon Bell 's Photo Galleries at
      E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
      Salvisa, KY