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Update: Double track project on the CNO&TP, Burnside KY

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  • Update: Double track project on the CNO&TP, Burnside KY

    I am a couple of weeks late posting this, but with all the rain we have had, work has slowed down a lot it would seem..

    Saturday 06/22/13, Camon and I ran back down to Burnside to get some updated material on the project. The biggest things I noted that have changed...Blasting to widen the cuts had progressed about a mile further South in a month. They had made it as far as MP 164.8 or so, still a good ways North of CP Grove. Between CP Woods and MP 164, the blasting work looks to be complete, and the sub-grade for the new roadbed is starting to go in.

    The concrete work on the Pittman Creek bridge looks to be complete, and a crew was on site moving a large crane into position to hoist the new bridge spans up...we did not see any new bridge sections on site yet.

    The abutments for the new Jones Knob Bridge are completed, but just recently. The forms where still on the West side, and a large amount of rebar and steel where on hand to start on the new bridge span. That one new bridge must be adding a good amount of money the overall project, and only to serve TWO houses back that dead end road.

    We noted no new work South of MP 165 yet, but that should be the easiest section to complete as most of that is on level ground or on fill.. All of the remaining structures close to the tracks (including the house and outhouse we talked about above) have now been removed.

    You can compare the pictures in the above post, and these below are a few pictures from 06/22/13. I added everything I took that day to the project album on Pbase, and those can be found at this link...please note that they are in chronological order, with the newest stuff being towards the bottom of the page.. (Gallery) CP Woods to CP Grove Double Track Project Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    A Southbound coal train comes under the old Southern Railway built A frame bridge at Jones Knob. You can see the piles of rebar and steel ready to go into the new bridge.

    The DPU on train 797 passes through the long curve between Jones Knob and the Pittman Creek Bridge. The new bridge abutment can be seen on the East side.

    A Southbound comes under the old A frame bridge These old wooden bridges used to be common on the CNO&TP just about everywhere that the RR was responsible for building access across the tracks. Most all have been replaced, and I can only think of Two others besides this one that are still standing..and this one is not long for the world..

    Three layers of CNO&TP history in a single frame...You can see the old brick foundation capped with limestone, which almost has to be the remains of the first bridge across the tracks here...the brick is the same color that can be found in a lot of the old tunnel linings. Then you have the current bridge AND the West side abutment for the new bridge. I thought this was pretty neat, and told a good story.

    Northbound 116 crosses the Pittman Creek Bridge at Elihu, Ky. You can see a good sized crane there in the background, being readied to hoist the new bridges spans into place.

    A Northbound comes through new cut about MP 164.5 or so. The cut is finished, and the sub-grade has been started for the new track.

    And the remains of that poor little white house that was still standing in my first report...even the outhouse is gone now..
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY