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Playing leapfrog in the rain on the NS Louisville District

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  • Playing leapfrog in the rain on the NS Louisville District

    Sunday May 5th, while Carmon and I where out and about waiting on the NS Derby trains to run out of Louisville, we spent the bulk of the morning shooting the "regular" stuff that was running. The Louisville District was it's usual busy self, and I took full advantage of that and the non-stop rain we had..

    We bounced back and forth a couple of times between Waddy and Shelbyville KY as the dispatcher played leapfrog with all of the trains he had to deal with. If you have never listened to the radio on a busy line that is track warrant territory, you have NO idea of just how much work it is to keep things moving. All day, the dispatcher sounded like a auctioneer on the radio, slinging out authorities as fast as he could. The Louisville District is 90 miles of single track RR with lots of hills and curves that keep train speeds down...that, plus upwards of 40 trains a day can really be a challenge to dispatch.

    Below are a few of the better ones from 05/05/13, and also a few stragglers from back in April. You can check them all out by clicking this link >>> NS Louisville District 2013 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    Eastbound 223 drags up the West slope of the hill at Waddy KY, ready to meet 22A which was already in the siding.

    Eastbound 285 rolls through downtown Shelbyville KY

    Back to Waddy, and we catch the 285 again as they start down the East slope of the hill in a heavy downpour.

    BNSF, NS and UP power slowly drag train 239 by the East switch at Waddy, Ky as the rain got even heavier.

    And the same train later in the afternoon, between Clarks Station and Fisherville KY. By this time, the water was starting to become a problem in places, as can be seen by the flooded road.

    April 20th, and much better weather..

    Eastbound 223 passes 22A under the big sky at Waddy KY

    Right behind 223 was a slow moving 796 with a 120 more loads of Indiana coal, seen here passing 22A at West Waddy.

    The DPU's on 796 are starting to notch down as the train tops over Waddy hill, and starts the steep, curvy drop down to Avenstoke.
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY