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A 4000 HP rolling tribute, NS Veterans unit 6920 in Ky

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  • A 4000 HP rolling tribute, NS Veterans unit 6920 in Ky

    After spending the last couple of weeks busy with work (and burning up the roads after trains) I had planned to stay around the house yesterday (Saturday 04/27/13) was dark, stormy and otherwise craptastic as far as the weather was concerned. I slept in a bit, and after I got up and motivated, I noticed a message from a friend up North saying that the NS 6920 Veterans unit was leading train much for staying around the house. After it was confirmed the unit was on the train, I started trying to figure out how it would all play out.

    Just before noon, the train was still just North of Cincinnati, and I figured it would probably be several hours getting down to me. The outbound crew was not called until 1215, but for once the CNO&TP was running like it should and 179 got an almost perfect trip South. I headed over to Burgin, and didn't have to wait very long for him to show up. After a quick stop in Danville Ky for fuel, it was off the races, and we had a hard time keeping up as we followed them South. 179 had a short train, clear signals and plenty of power for the hills...we had wet roads and a multitude of slow driving blue hairs to contend with. While I had only figuring on getting a couple of shots around Danville, we wound up going all the way to Burnside...funny how that seems to happen a lot.

    This was the first time I had seen this particular unit, and must say it looks better in person than in the pictures I have seen. I am a very patriotic person by nature, and I think its a great thing NS has done to help honor those who have served and given all they had to give to keep us free and safe. The heritage units are great, but the 6920 is even better to me..a 4000 HP rolling tribute!

    Even with the bad weather, we came away with some decent shots. The clouds actually helped by allowing us to shoot a few places that would have not been possible that late in the day.

    Below are a few of my favorites, and you can find rest of them by clicking this link >>> NS Heritage Power 2013 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    "A 4000hp rolling tribute to those who keep us free" An angry sky and the promise of rain loom above Junction City as Southbound train 179 leaves Danville with the Veterans unit, NS 6920 leading. This was the first time this unit had made an appearance on the CNO&TP, and it certainly brightened up an otherwise gloomy day.

    179 tops over at Kings Mountain KY with a light rain falling.

    The bottom of Northbound 170 clears our train just in the nick of time at the intermediate signals at "Southern States" on the North side of Somerset Ky. You can see the new signal bridge that has been installed here within the last 2 weeks, ready for the day it will be cut in.

    The 6920 sits at Burnside Ky during a quick crew change just before dark.

    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY

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    Originally posted by jonnyseeandoh
    NS really needs to do away with basic black, these heritage and specialty units are some kind of spiffy and really scream out some good will.
    Yeah, can you say... "Image Breakers"