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Double NS Heritage on a cold winters day in Kentucky

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  • Double NS Heritage on a cold winters day in Kentucky

    Earlier this week, NS 111 departed Louisville KY with LeHigh Valley 8104 and Virginian 1069 leading. The train was out and on the move a lot earlier than normal.

    I headed West before the sun was up, and made it to Waddy about 15 mins ahead of the train. I spent the rest of the day following them South, and managed to shoot them a grand total of 27 times (which would be a lot more impressive if the train had ever gotten above 20mph).. The Louisville District was congested and 111 played leap frog from siding to siding meeting trains, and then they got stabbed for over 2 hours in Danville, waiting in line for fuel. I finally let them go at Southfork and headed for home after spending over 8 hours with the train . The day was diverse as far as lighting goes..started out with heavy fog, then just cloudy and then it was another round of sucker hole roulette for the afternoon.

    I came away with a lot more shots than anyone could ever need of 1 train, but culled it down to 15 favorites. Follow the link if you care to take a peek over on Pbase. >>>> NS Heritage Power 2013 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    Here are a few teasers..

    Just before 0800 at the West End of Waddy KY, as the LV 8104 came out of the fog like a apparition.

    LeHigh Valley 8104 in the early morning fog near Alton Station

    111 passes the block at East Harrodsburg in a brief moment of sunlight. You can see the shadows in the background, chasing the power towards me...Suckerholes would be the name of the game for the rest of the day.

    After a 2 hour wait for fuel at Danville yard, LV 8104 & VGN 1069 lead NS train 111 South through Junction City KY. Just ahead of the train is where the old L&N Leabon branch diamond used to cross the CNO&TP, and the lot to the left was the location of the old RR hotel.

    Southbound 111 roars across Single track at Southfork KY , getting a good run for the grade up to Kings Mountain
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY